Devil Heart

The iconic devil heart stitched in red. If you know, you know!

Can Take a Beating

These sweatshirts are power bottoms. They can take a beating and ask for more!

By Kinksters, For Kinksters

Beautifully printed neck tag from us, to you.

Feel Good, Do Good

Every month, we will donate $1 USD to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom for every hoodie we sell.


  • “The quality is the best thing about it. You really hit it out of the park with this one!”


  • “Best hoodie I've ever had, no signs of wear a year on, high quality, comfy, soft etc. Wouldn't change a thing.”


  • “I think they are fantastic! Very comfortable and holding up well almost a year on.”


  • “I love mine! Wouldn't change a thing... I want another!”


  • “It has ruined me for other hoodies, my expectations are so high!”


  • “It's one of the best hoodies I have. I wouldn't change anything!”